We think that our case turned out great. We will highly recommend Robert P. Laney and the McElwee Firm to others in need.
P.L. and F.L. – Wilkes, NC

Robert Laney and his staff are very knowledgeable about bankruptcy rules and procedures and were there for me through every step in the process.
P.W. – Wilkes, NC

I was in contact with Mr. Laney several times a week for almost a year while we worked out a plan to save my agricultural business and reorganize my debts. He and his staff became like family to me. He saved my farm and my livelihood.
D.S. – Ashe, NC

Bob has been very helpful in solving my problem. He handled an investigation and subsequent court case for me quickly and professionally. His discretion has proved invaluable.

I have worked as a client with the Laney law firm for several years. I have had three difficult situations were  Bob and his staff have helped navigate to a satisfied conclusion. Bob and his staff have been professional, prompt, reassuring, and extremely knowledgeable. Their due diligence in attending to every detail along with their positive attitudes make them come highly recommended.

Thank you, Bob!


I was very pleased with the work performed on my behalf by Mr. Laney. My case was not straightforward and required extra work on Mr. Laney’s part. His service was always professional and I highly recommend him.


During a very difficult time in our business, Mr. Laney promptly responded to our questions and explained the bankruptcy process.  He assessed our situation and was able to provide us with options available to our business.  Robert proved to be a trusted resource throughout our bankruptcy filing.  Mr. Laney proved to be an excellent choice to guide and advise us through the intricacies of the bankruptcy process.  While being an expert of the particular bankruptcy laws, he was also disarming and non-judgmental.  His knowledge of the law combined with his excellent interpersonal skills make him second to none.  After being referred to Mr. Laney to assist us in filing bankruptcy for our business, we were quickly impressed with his command of the law and his ability to explain the process, rules, ad particular statutes related to our case.  From start to finish, Robert proved to be a trusted advisor. Mr. Laney, we certainly appreciated the effort you put into our case.  We always felt prepared and informed when going to court.  Thank you for being a trusted business advisor during these difficult times in our business.

L.J. and S.J. 

I would be glad to recommend Mr. Laney to anyone who needs a good, honest attorney. In my experience, Bob is a man who will tell you what you need to hear even when it may not be what you want to hear. To me that shows integrity and you can’t put a price on that.  Bob is an excellent attorney!


It has been a pleasure working with your firm throughout this difficult process. Your knowledge and professionalism have been such an asset in guiding us through. We are also very thankful for your wonderful assistant that has been so helpful with completing the daunting amounts of paperwork! Thank you for all your hard work!