When your financial situation has become too difficult to manage without extreme action, bankruptcy may be your last-resort answer. It is not a decision that anyone makes lightly, and a great deal of thought - and often anxiety, stress, and frustration - goes into it. There are many questions running through your head. Let’s clear up the confusion, determine if bankruptcy is the right step for you, and discuss next steps.

Family law is a broad umbrella under which many different practice areas fall, from adoption and foster care to divorce. Regardless of the situation in which you find yourself, these issues can be contentious, stressful, complex, and confusing. Finding the right family lawyer is essential in navigating your case and achieving the best possible outcome. 

Having experienced, compassionate counsel on your side ensures that your rights are protected during legal proceedings. Some instances in which it is vital that you have a family lawyer:

Wilkes County has been around for a long time. Founded just a year and a half after the American Revolution, Wilkes has a storied history in the foothills of northwestern North Carolina. Though coastal and central parts of the state may have been the political hubs for the first few centuries, our area has given birth to some of its important movements and innovations. 

You cannot watch a documentary about the Carolinas without hearing the words “moonshine” and “NASCAR”. Moonshine was made throughout the hills and valleys surrounding Wilkes, and the people that ran the shine in their fast cars ultimately began racing their cars around dirt and asphalt tracks. North Wilkesboro Speedway was one of the first racetracks to be part of the sanctioning body called NASCAR that has grown into a multi-billion-dollar sport and one of North Carolina’s largest exports. Wilkes also gave birth to Lowes Hardware, Lowes Foods, First Union Bank, and many other large companies. 

This is an unprecedented time in our country's history. Our hearts go out to all who are personally impacted by the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. We have seen neighbors and coworkers rise up to become heroes on the frontlines - healthcare workers who have without question continued doing their jobs without regard for the peril they face. Others, like couriers, have found themselves not only delivering packages but lifelines to those who would risk their health significantly by shopping in public spaces. In our own community, volunteers have given their time to ensure that children and families do not go hungry even whiles schools are not in session. We are seeing just how strong our county and country are during this season.

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