Why You Should Find the Right Traffic Lawyer

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 11:33

Have you been pulled over and been issued a traffic citation? Most people answer “yes” here! But what happens next? Should you hire a traffic lawyer? Maybe. While we hate an ambiguous answer as much as the next person, it really does depend on the circumstances surrounding the violation(s) or alleged violation(s). How do you know if you need legal representation? 

7 Steps for Families to Reduce Debt

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 11:19

Let’s face it: getting into debt is all too easy. Maybe we start relying on our credit cards to make ends meet. Maybe we have an unexpected car repair or medical expense to take care of. Maybe we have to prioritize bills so the mortgage or rent is paid but the credit card payment is late. We start occurring penalties and fees and charges, and it becomes more and more difficult to get back to even - to say nothing of actually being able to save some money! To create a more secure financial feature, we need to start by reducing debt. Here are 7 tips to help.

Defining Common Bankruptcy Terms

Tuesday, 25 August 2020 14:14

When you are considering bankruptcy, you have likely considered - and tried - every other method to resolve debt at your disposal. It can feel like a failure. It is not. According to several studies, the leading cause of personal bankruptcies is medical expenses. It is not wild spending or out of control habits: it is exorbitantly priced emergencies that we simply cannot afford. Likewise, many businesses are impacted by factors outside of their direct control, such as COVID-19. These are not failures, and bankruptcy can be an avenue that will bring you towards financial security and stability. 

If you are exploring this option, there are several common bankruptcy terms with which you should be familiar. 

We typically think we only need a lawyer when we find ourselves in a tight spot. The truth is, having a working relationship with a good business lawyer helps you avoid those tight spots altogether. This is particularly true when it comes to contracts; these are a ubiquitous and vital component of the work world, and, if done improperly, they can result in costly and contentious battles. 

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