Drowning in debt in North Carolina

When you are struggling with debt, it can feel as if you are isolated, that this is a situation that you must handle on your own, that this is all your fault and you are the only person to have fallen behind in their finances. You are not alone. Nearly 87% of American families are in debt (this includes mortgages which can be “good” debt ). It is when we owe thousands of dollars on credit cards and in medical, auto, and other high-interest expenses that debt becomes “bad.” In some cases, it can be more than bad; it can be crippling. Robert P Laney is here to help.

Robert P Laney concentrates on bankruptcy law in northwest North Carolina and will help you navigate the complex legal process involved with filing and discharging / or partially repaying debts. Bankruptcy may not be the answer for you, so we will walk you through other options, such as debt negotiation and debt settlement. It is important that you fully understand your choices so you can make the most informed decision for your financial future. We will be there to help you every step of the way. 

Dealing with debt is challenging; there is no shame in seeking help and exploring your options. The goal is to tackle crushing debt, create some breathing room, and develop the structure and tools you need to build a solid financial future. Bankruptcy is one potential remedy, and we will discuss with you the pros, cons, and consequences of going down this path. 

You are not alone. Robert P Laney is a top northwest North Carolina debt and bankruptcy lawyer and is committed to helping you find a way out.  Do not hesitate to contact us and take the first steps towards a more stable, secure financial situation.