resolutions for debtMany people look forward to the new year as an opportunity to make self-improvements in areas of their lives that they feel they have neglected. The new year is a chance to make resolutions that will pay dividends for the rest of your life and become the person you want to be. People spend the end of the year evaluating who they have been and searching for ways to improve. For residents of Wilkes County and surrounding areas, common resolutions include:

  • Commitment to healthier and more nutritious eating habits
  • Exercising more in the gym and exploring the many hiking and biking trails for which our area is known
  • Spending more time with family and your children
  • Reading more books about things that lead to self-improvement
  • Spending less time scrolling on social media
  • Budgeting and saving more money 
  • Overcoming financial strain and debt

If you want to set New Year’s resolutions and goals, but don’t know where to start because you are dealing with substantial debt, attorney Robert P. Laney is here to help. We help residents of the foothills and surrounding areas deal with their debt crisis through bankruptcy. Here’s what you need to know about bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy in Wilkes County, North Carolina

A new year is an opportunity to take steps forward in your financial future. Few people would consider bankruptcy as part of their New Year's financial resolutions; however, for many, it can be the best path forward. There are several alternatives, including a creditor workout, remaining judgment proof, or business dissolution. If you are searching for a way to overcome crushing financial issues, you need to evaluate your options with a trusted attorney. With Robert P. Laney, Attorney, PLLC, we will schedule an initial consultation, during which, we explore these alternatives and determine which may best solve your issues. 

It may seem scary to consider bankruptcy as your path forward out of incredible debt and back toward financial stability, but a new year can bring new possibilities. Bankruptcy law allows debtors to exempt (keep) real and personal property if the equity is less than a maximum value set by NC Statutes. In most cases, the maximum value is sufficient for you to keep your residence, your appliances, furniture, and household goods, your vehicles, your clothing, and personal property. For Wilkes County residents, you can begin your path toward overcoming your debt this new year by contacting Attorney Robert P. Laney today.