We realize that end-of-life planning can be extremely difficult, whether it is your own or someone close to you. This is an exceptionally sensitive and personal area of practice, and we treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

Our compassionate yet direct approach is utilized in several estate planning capacities. They include:

  • Creation of powers of attorney
  • Administration of probate and estate
  • Drafting of wills and trusts
  • Medical directives
  • Planning of business succession

Who can benefit from estate planning?

In short, everyone. Estate planning is not only for those who are extremely wealthy. It’s also for those who have loved ones for whom they wish to ease the process, and who can benefit from a well-written plan. 

Without an estate plan, your belongings are distributed according to North Carolina law. This very well may not carry out your desires. It also leaves your loved ones at the will of law enforcement and the court system, which can be an additional burden to what is already an extremely difficult time.

Additionally, without an estate plan, your loved ones could be left guessing as to what your medical choices would be. 

Every individual has unique preferences, assets, needs, and concerns. When you contact our law firm to assist with your estate planning, we tailor-make an estate plan that serves you and your family to the highest degree possible. 

Our intent is to reduce the anxiety and heighten the clarity associated with this difficult topic.

Contact us for more information, or call 336-838-1674 to discuss a plan, especially for you and your family.