credit card debtHundreds of thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy each year - and in the vast majority of cases, it is not because they have reckless spending behaviors or they were making irresponsible decisions. No, instead, many people are forced into this financial last resort because of unexpected expenses (e.g. a major car repair), unexpected loss of income (e.g. layoffs), and/or medical bills. In fact, 40% of Americans do not have $400 in the bank for emergencies, and, especially in these difficult times, this can cause finances to spiral out of control. 

If you believe this is the only way out for you, you need an experienced Wilkes County bankruptcy lawyer on your side.

Top Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wilkes County

Robert P. Laney has extensive experience in bankruptcy law and will act as your knowledgeable, compassionate advocate during this complex, and trying process. The legalities are complicated enough, but often, it’s the emotional stress - and distress - that can be even more difficult to contend with. Our team clearly explains what’s happening, why, and how to take the next steps towards a more secure financial future.

We start at the beginning: is bankruptcy the right option for you? Are there any other debt relief methods that may be effective? If not, we explain the short- and long-term consequences - and benefits - of bankruptcy so you don’t encounter surprises down the road.

For Wilkes County folks who are considering bankruptcy or who know this is the avenue they need to pursue, one call can relieve much of the stress and uncertainty. Contact Robert P. Laney so we can discuss your unique financial situation, your options, and how best to proceed. Financial security and freedom is within reach. We will help get you there.